About the Author

Kaytalin Platt was born and raised in south Alabama. She grew up on a farm, in the small town of Deer Park, and attended Fruitdale High School before putting herself through college at the University of South Alabama. Her experiences growing up in a small town, surrounded by nature, shaped her into a strong and independent woman, abundant with a peculiar set of skills. Kaytalin now resides in Pennsylvania.

As a young child, she loved to explore the forest around her home and would spend many hours of the day on imaginary adventures. As she got older, Kaytalin realized she could weave those adventures into stories. The rest is history.

Book Status

2017 – The book has been turned over to the publishing company and is currently in production!

April 2018 – Inkshares has begun prep to showcase the book and begin taking pre-orders on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com

September 2018 – Inkshares bumped The Living God from Quill to an Inkshares Property. This means it will be sold in brick and mortar stores and get the full marketing power. It also moves the publication date due to developmental editing.

January 2019 – The Living God has an official publication date of May 21st, 2019