Time Mage


Saran D'Mor is the daughter of Yarin D'mor, King of Adrid. Her mother died when she was very young, and many speculate that she committed suicide to escape her husband. Saran was raised like a son and taught to fight and lead armies. As such, she lacks the qualities present in most noble women. Saran is passionate about deposing her father and placing someone more worthy on the throne, but does not desire that position for herself. She wants to leave the title behind and spend her remaining days living quietly with the two men that she cares for, Keleir, and his brother, Rowe. Saran D'Mor is a Time Mage.

Fire Mage


Keleir was born cursed with the soul of an Oruke at war with his own. An Oruke is a creature forged from the excess matter left over at the birth of a universe, and can only exist by taking a human child as a host. Like all children born with an Oruke, Keleir has the surname Ahriman, meaning darkness. From the time he was born, until he turned five, his village tortured him in the hopes that it would save him from his curse, but it ended up unleashing another, more terrible one instead. He killed his father using magic, which is forbidden by the Core, where all magic comes from and brought a Blood Curse upon himself. This nearly destroyed his human soul and gave the Oruke control of his body. The Oruke fled and was taken in by the Adrid army, where he fought for them and earned a bloody reputation. The people of the Adrid dubbed him Lifesbane. For thirteen years the Oruke had control of Keleir's body until Saran found a way to give his human consciousness the reins again. Since then, Keleir has spent the last five years atoning for his sins by helping the rebellion he almost crushed and fighting to keep the Oruke at bay. Keleir Ahriman is a Fire Mage.

Lightning Mage


Rowe Blackwell was raised to fear and loath his brother, Keleir, but never did. The two banded together against their abusive parents until Keleir ran away in the middle of the night after killing his father. His mother later remarried. When Rowe was ten, his mother sold him to the army in lieu of their taxes. Once in the army, he was reunited with Keleir and followed him down the black path the Rauke took him. Rowe grew increasingly disgusted with himself and what he was doing to innocent people. He attempted to starve himself to death as punishment, but Saran nursed him back to health and showed him the path to the rebellion. He worked along side her for two years before Keleir joined their cause.  Rowe Blackwell is a Lightning Mage.

Time Mage | King


Yarin was the best friend to the King of Adrid, Dante Vanguard, before he was driven mad by visions from the Vel d'Ekaru, also known as The Living God. The Living God is a being foretold to bring about the destruction of the world in order to purify it. The visions urged him to seize power and lay the foundations for the Living God's rise. The economy of Adrid was declining and the might of its military wavered. Yarin used this to convince a group of nobles and military officials to let him seize the throne. He killed Dante, and most of the royal family, before taking Dante's daughter, Rebecca, as his wife. This meant that the Core, the soul of the world, would accept the legitimacy of his rule. Yarin D'Mor was a Time Mage, but his illness has stripped him of his magic.



Madam Ophelia is a Healer at the capitol in Andrian. Healers are typically women gifted with the ability to mend wounds, but hold no other elemental magic. They also cannot heal their own injuries. Madam Ophelia, like many Healers, believes in the Grand Feminine, a woman of power who will forge a path for the domination of male leaders and usher in prosperity and peace.

Ice Mage


Odan Marki was an orphan Ice Mage taken in by the army, as most children with the promise of power are. He was raised in the palace walls from infancy to adulthood and views the King with reverence. He sees Yarin as his father figure. He hates Saran because of her willful defiance of her father and her disrespect. He silently holds a competitive need to outshine her in the hopes of winning Yarin's favor.

Water Mage | Rebel Leader


Ishep Darshan was a Water Mage in the Adrid army during the rule of Dante Vanguard. He was friends with both Dante and Yarin D'mor. He was also in love with Rebecca Vanguard, Saran's mother. He stayed through the coop that gave Yarin the throne, but when Rebecca died, he broke away from the kingdom and founded the rebellion that Saran, Rowe, and Keleir secretly fight in.

Maybe I am. Maybe that’s the feeling. This electric connectivity when we touch, when we are near, and maybe that’s why he hates you so much. You are the redeemer of my soul, Saran. You balance me.”

— Keleir Ahriman

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